Bungy Jump Chiang Mai X-Centre

The Jungle Bungy Jump at the X-Centre rises 50 metres above attractive landscaped gardens centred around a lagoon. You get a fantastic view of the Chiang Mai countryside from the top and if 50 metres does not sound high to you, just wait until you see the ant-sized people below you.


  • Transfers from/ to hotels (major hotel in Chiang mai center only).
  • Insurance
  • One Jump
  • Certificate
  • T-shirt


  • Location: The X-centre is located in Mae Rim, a 25 minute drive from Chiang Mai city centre.
  • Maximum weight of a jumper is restricted to 160 kg and minimum weight 40 kg.
  • Bungy Jumping Safety

    All training of jumpmasters is overseen by the X-Centre's manager, Ian Rauner. Ian was involved in the early days of Bungy Jumping in New Zealand and was registered as jumpmaster No 017 with the Standards Association of New Zealand on 19 July 1991 according to 'The Code of Practice for Bungee Jumping' NZS 5848. Jungle Bungy Jump is the original bungy operator in Thailand. The Chiang Mai bungy has an excellent safety record and full public insurance is included as part of any bungy jump package.

  • About the Chiang Mai Jungle Bungy

    The bungy tower is a custom-built structure with a fixed and stable electronic platform that carries jumpers comfortably seated to the jump height of 50 metres. Although it may resemble a crane it is not. It is a permanent structure with deep steel-reinforced concrete foundations for absolute safety. It was specifically designed for bungy jumping and, unlike crane-bungies, jumpers do NOT leap from a cage swinging on a cable. It's a design that’s been in use by the Jungle Bungy since 1992 and has proved itself with an excellent safety record.

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Age 2 - 12 years old.

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Bungy Jump Chiang Mai X-Centre

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One Jump+T-shirt+Certificate+Insurance+Roundtrip Transfer (8:30-12:30)(Join Tour)

One Jump+T-shirt+Certificate+Insurance+Roundtrip Transfer (13:00-17:00)(Join Tour)

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