Bottle Art Museum Pattaya

Have you ever imagined the art exhibition in many different sizes and shapes of bottles? Come and visit Bottle Art Museum Pattaya, located in North Pattaya just the opposite of Mini Siam Pattaya, and you will find a lot more of the amazing architectures, buildings and many places around the world in the bottles. Other than that, it shows many different traditions, cultures, living circumstances and exquisite landscapes. Apart from 300 artworks, the highlight in this museum is the hand-made ships presented at the center of the exhibition. You will be fascinated with these artworks as it’s the only exhibition in the world that collect different interesting things just in the bottles.


  • Admission fee.


  • Child height between 80-120cm. is considered to be charged as child rate. Any child is over 120cm height , please book as an adult rate.
  • Open Daily, 08.30 AM – 17.30 PM hours
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Age 2 - 4 years old.

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Bottle Art Museum Pattaya

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